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Vs Darwin.

Vs The Silent League.

Vs The Rest.



The Mess Age.

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Of late.

Long nights.



Oh Oh Oh.

My remix of Memory Tapes track 'Yes I Know' is, well,
all over the place.
They say "a smart slice of deconstructed,
dub-treated chillwave".
Buy or have a listen here .



Memory Tapes.

Just finishing up another remix. This one is
of Memory Tapes track 'Yes I Know' from the new
album 'Player Piano'. My remix will be available soon.








Here be 9op's remix of this tune for The Silent League.



Maybe It's The Rain.

Installation Artifice continues apace.
Krakow helped. Sea Bat Cloud 9.
I've been low, so low, so-oo low. Soda engaged forever.
What is complete?



Play Miscy For Me

Psychic clouds on the dark horizon.
Seasonal unreasonable.



Translucent Parallel Unity at Dusk

Coma. Ditty.
If you let them little things will do that to you



10 Day-Sized Hole

Lurg et La Grippe.
Listened to liars. A lot.
Achever. All songs are Autumn.



Another remix.

Just finished a remix of this tune for The Silent League.
You can hear it on their forthcoming EP
and Best Of album so for now it's the silent treatment....



A Remix

Or Re-Production. Or Re-work. Or Re-collection.
Words. Sword. Drinking Again. Consuming a memory.
Imbibing a recollection. Sometimes happy drunk,
other times sad drunk.
Coming soon - The Future. On the rocks.
The original song is elsewhere
This is my version.



Social Networking/Notworking

Breathing Earth

Our space horror. Mesmer. ic.
Faceboke farmhands to the basement quick.



Periodic. Intermittent.

Words in progress.
/// It's for Everyone ///



The mess age. So easily lost.

Start on a downer, it'll have you. No where/what/when
this tipping point.
Creeps up. BANG. BANG. BANG.
We have it easy so when it hits us it hits us hard.
Corner of the eye stuff. Fluff. Endless variations on....
Take a bow.
A walk. A chance. A minute. A look. A pill. At last.
Druggists hollow cheer.
Bruises all over the place - still no-one helps you.
What a time was had. And never is forever again.